Säckpipa Makers

This is a list of the säckpipa makers that I know about. Being on the list is not a recommendation - it's just a list (even if it says seemed nice).

  • Terry Mann (UK) - Terry has built quite a few sets of säckpipa and you'll find several people playing these at the Halsway Manor weekends. Definitely worth getting in touch with. Chances are Terry will be at the Halsway weekend to help out with his pipes too.
  • Alban Faust (Sweden) - Vicki owns two sets by Alban, one bellows blown and one mouth blown.
  • Börs Anders (Sweden) - Based in Sweden, Vicki owns a set of Börs Anders säckpipa.
  • Torsten Tetz (Germany) - Vicki had a go on one once, seemed nice.
  • Max Persson (Sweden) - (untested - but would like to)
  • Chris McNeilly (UK) - Vicki has tried a set and thought they were nice.

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These pipes and keys welcome

  • The workshops will take place on säckpipa in A/E - (preferred)
  • Some sessions will be conducted on English Border pipes in G