Säckpipa Makers

This is a list of the säckpipa makers that I know about. Being on the list is not a recommendation - it's just a list (even if it says seemed nice).

  • Alban Faust (Sweden) - Vicki owns two sets by Alban, one bellows blown and one mouth blown.
  • Börs Anders (Sweden) - Based in Sweden, Vicki owns a set of Börs Anders säckpipa.
  • Torsten Tetz (Germany) - Vicki had a go on one once, seemed nice.
  • Terry Mann (UK) - Vicki had a go on one and they seemed very nice indeed.
  • Max Persson (Sweden) - (untested - but would like to)
  • Chris McNeilly (UK) - Vicki has tried a set and thought they were nice.

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These pipes and keys welcome

  • The workshops will take place on säckpipa in A/E - (preferred)
  • Some sessions will be conducted on English Border pipes in G