More About Vicki

Vicki Swan MA (ed), ARCM (PG,) PGCE, BA (hons)

Vicki's first study at music college was double bass and second flute. She majored in performance and did her post graduate performance trainging at the Royal College of Music in London. She also has a PGCE in teaching music, specialising in instrumental music tuition and a Masters in Education.

Vicki's father - Rod Swan was a Highland Piper who taught Highland pipes in Brentwood, forming and running the Brentwood School of Piping, which later became a full pipe band. Through several mergers this eventually became part of the Essex Caledonian Pipe Band which is still running. For a short time Vicki was taught by Rod, but unfortunately he pass away relatively soon after Vicki took up the pipes. Vicki inherited her fathers love of teaching and passing on of bagpipe knowledge.

Now specialising in the Swedish säckpipa Vicki has been researching bagpipe playable tunes from the county of Småland, where her family is from.

Vicki has been blogging and podcasting since 2005 - visit the Smallpiper Blogger website.


How to Book:
Phone Halsway Manor and ask for Viv to make your booking - +44 1984 618274

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These pipes and keys welcome

  • The workshops will take place on säckpipa in A/E - (preferred)
  • Some sessions will be conducted on English Border pipes in G