23rd - 25th March 2018

Swedish Bagpipe Tunes at Halsway Manor

The first säckpipa weekend took place 23rd-25th March. We were 14 säckpipa players

An enjoyable full-on fun-packed workshop weekend with Vicki Swan to introduce players to both the säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipes) and Swedish bagpipe music.

Who's it For?
Details are not set for the second weekend of säckpipa, but if we get enough interest we will bring a tutor over from Sweden and hope to cover these things with three tutors:

  • Säckpipa players (E/A chanter)
  • G border pipes (it may be possible to borrow sets of säckpipa to use for the weekend)
  • Complete beginners
  • There may be some opportunity to play together as an ensemble with all combinations, but different workshops will address different musical things.

Get in touch if you'd like to check your pipes are ok. If you are in the process of ordering a set of Swedish pipes - the majority of us use the E/A chanter. (A six finger E).

Vicki Swan
Vicki is a second generation piper and holds the Zorn Brons award for the traditional playing of the säckpipa. Vicki holds a degree in music specialising in performance, is a qualified music teacher specialising in instrumental music tuition,  has a post graduate qualification from the Royal College of Music in London (for performance). Although now possibly better known for teaching and playing the nyckelharpa, Vicki's Masters Thesis was an investigation into the teaching and learning of the Scottish Smallpipes Online Using Podcasting as a Distribution Medium.

Topics Covered

  • The Standard Swedish Säckpipa Repertoire
  • Tunes from Småland
  • Articulation
  • General bagpipe technique


How to Book:
Phone Halsway Manor and ask for Viv to make your booking - +44 1984 618274

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These pipes and keys welcome

  • säckpipa in A/E - (preferred)
  • English Border pipes in G

Update: The course will mostly be säckpipa in A/E.